About Us

Hermes is the god of the word... of eloquence and the message. He wore a pair of winged sandals, a winged helmet and carried a winged staff with two serpents wrapped around it. Certainly his message was always delivered clear and sharp carried on swift wings like a flash of lightening heralding the thunder of the divine. So as these gift are passed to man in their turn, some people have the power bestowed on them to move the human condition of others with their words, their perception and their clarity.

At ThePrizeWriters.com we bring together the greatest authors of all time. The laureates whose works are recognised across humanity as seminal by the most illustrious international literary bodies. Although there are many global literary awards, in many countries and in many languages; we have selected the most prestigious of the international prizes with particular focus on works published in the west. Our purpose is to provide a curious reader with the opportunity to examine a prize winning author and their work within the context of the prize they won.

Often the question of 'why that author' won that prize comes up. When we pick up a book in a shop and examine the cover, we note that it was an international best seller when it was first published. Perhaps it took the literary world by storm with the author taking to the stage at some grand venue to celebrate the work, or maybe the author is a quiet tireless campaigner for truth using literature as his medium. In all instances, we are drawn to what made the book and the author special, and so we dive in looking for clues.

With each insight drawn from the clues we find, the reader is doubly delighted. Firstly because the originality of the writers voice draws your attention like the rippling water of a stream and secondly because the resolution of the Prize judges reasoning punches home to remind you that others recognise the same journey you are on. To understand their world, their perspective as it informs our lives and our passions.

In bringing you ThePrizeWriters.com it's our sincere hope that you will get something out of every experience upon the printed page. Something you can treasure, something you can keep. Just follow the author links and the virtual storefronts to be transported.