The Franz Kafka Prize

2016 - Claudio Magris

Born: 10 April, 1939, Trieste, Italy

Author's quote: "Every journey is played out between standstill and flight."

Field: Fiction

Prize share: 1/1

Books Written By Claudio Magris

About Claudio Magris

Claudio Magris (born April 10, 1939) is an Italian scholar, translator and writer.
Magris graduated from the University of Turin, where he studied German studies, and has been a professor of modern German literature at the University of Trieste since 1978.

He is an essayist and columnist for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and for other European journals and newspapers.

His numerous studies have helped to promote an awareness in Italy of Central European culture and of the literature of the Habsburg myth.

Magris is a member of several European academies and served as senator in the Italian Senate from 1994 to 1996.

His first book on the Habsburg myth in modern Austrian literature rediscovered central European literature. His journalistic writings have been collected in Dietro le parole ("Behind Words", 1978) and Itaca e oltre ("Ithaca and Beyond", 1982). He has written essays on E.T.A. Hoffmann, Henrik Ibsen, Italo Svevo, Robert Musil, Hermann Hesse and Jorge Luis Borges. His novels and theatre productions, many translated into several languages, include Illazioni su una sciabola (1984), Danubio (1986), Stadelmann (1988), Un altro mare (1991), and Microcosmi (1997).

His breakthrough was Danubio (1986), which is a magnum opus. In this book (said by the author to be a "drowned novel"), Magris tracks the course of the Danube from its sources to the sea. The whole trip evolves into a colorful, rich canvas of the multicultural European history.


Danubio - Claudio Magris

By John F. Folker, Jr.

It was beautifully written, informative, and thought provoking; it was an humanities class of central Europe between pages. In addition, it provided
insight into the mental gymnastics a Marxist intellectual had to put himself to be able to justify to himself European Communism.


Danubio - Claudio Magris

By Pat S. Conti

Mind-blowing erudition. Allusions to literature, philosophy, psychology, history, mythology. . . the author's range knows no bounds. Could not put this book down!