Franz Kafka Prize

The Kafka Prize is designed to honor writers whose works "appeal to readers regardless of their origin, nationality and culture." The award itself is named after one of the most famous novelists and short story writers of the early 20th century,

Today, the Kafka Prize is accompanied by a monetary award worth $10,000. The award is given out every year by Prague's Franz Kafka Society, and recognizes lifetime achievement in literature rather than a single book.

Index of Franz Kafka Award Winning Author by Name and Date

2014 - Yan Lianke
2013 - Amos Oz
2012 - Daniela Hodrová
2011 - John Banville
2010 - Václav Havel
2009 - Peter Handke
2008 - Arnošt Lustig
2007 - Yves Bonnefoy
2006 - Haruki Murakami
2005 - Harold Pinter
2004 - Elfriede Jelinek
2003 - Péter Nádas

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