The Hans Christian Andersen Award

2012 - María Teresa Andruetto

Born: 26 January 1954, Arroyo Cabral, Argentina,

Author's quote: "Te queda rico, dijo, te queda de novela."

Field: Children's Literature

Prize share: 1/1

Books Written By María Teresa Andruetto

About María Teresa Andruetto

Andruetto was born in Arroyo Cabral in 1954. She is a storyteller, essayist and a promoter of reading. She was the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2012 and is considered one of the most important narrators of children's literature.

Her books, read both by adults and young readers, break up generational barriers. She has published the novels "Tama" (Alción, 2003), "La mujer en cuestión" (DeBolsillo, 2009), and "Lengua Madre" (Mondadori, 2010), the short stories "Stefano" (Sudamericana, 2001), "Veladuras" (Norma, 2005), and "La niña, el corazón y la casa" (Sudamericana, 2001), the storybook "Todo movimiento es cacería" (Mondadori, 2012), the book of poems "Palabras al rescoldo" (1993), "Pavese" (1998), "Kodak" (2001), and "Beatriz" (2005) in Ediciones Argos, "Paves/Kodak" (Del dock, 2008), "Tendedero" (CILC, 2010), and "Sueño Americano" (Caballo negro, 2009), as well as numerous books for children and young readers, such as "El anillo encantado" (1993), "Huellas en la arena" (1998), "La mujer vampiro" (2001), "El País de Juan" (2005), "El árbol de lilas" (2006), "Trenes" (2009), "El incendio" (2009), "Campeón" (2010), "La durmiente" (2010), "Solgo" (2011), and "Miniaturas" (2011). Involved for thirty years in the field of children's literature, she has worked in the training of teachers and has founded centres of study and lecture programs. She is a guest professor at numerous facilities specialised in the formation of graduates and postgraduates and a guest author in congresses, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences, both in her home country and abroad.

She has obtained, due to her narrative, the awards Luis de Tejeda 1993, Fondo Nacional de las Artes 2002, and was finalist for the award Rómulo Gallegos in 2011 for her novel "Lengua Madre." Has been on the Honor List of IBBY, Premio Iberoamericano a la Trayectoria en Literature Infantil SM in 2009. She gathered her experience in literature workshops into two books realised in collaboration, "La escritura en el taller" (Anaya, 2008) and "El taller de escritura en la escuela" (Comunicarte, 2010), and her reflections in "Hacia una literatura sin adjetivos" (Comnuicarte, 2009). Her work has served as the foundation for the creation of other artists, and she has inspired works such as artist books, short films, poetic-musical performances, choreographies, storytelling shows, theatre adaptations, among others. Storytellers in Spain and Latin America narrate her stories and her books are a subject of study in Argentinian, American, and European universities. She moderates Blog de Narradoras Argentinas and co-leads a collection of argentinian narrators in Editorial Univeristaria EDUVIM.