The Hans Christian Andersen Award

1996 - Uri Orlev

Born: 24 February 1931, Warsaw, Poland

Author's quote: "I counted the days. I marked them off on the wall with a piece of coal. "

Field: Children's Literature

Prize share: 1/1

Books Written By Uri Orlev

About Uri Orlev

Uri Orlev (born 24 February 1931) is an Israeli children's author and translator of Polish-Jewish origin. He received the international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1996 for his "lasting contribution children's literature."

Uri Orlev, born Jerzy Henryk Orlowski, was born in Warsaw, Poland, the son of a physician. During World War II he lived in the Warsaw Ghetto until his mother was killed by the Nazis, and he was then sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. After the war he moved to Israel. He began writing children's literature in 1976 and has since published over 30 books, which are often biographical. His books have been translated from Hebrew into 36 languages. Orlev has also translated Polish literature into Hebrew. Uri Orlev was later interviewed in the documentary film "Life is Strange" not only on his book, but also on his life before World War II.

Orlev is married with two sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren.


Run, Boy, Run - Uri Orlev

By A Customer

No, it's not a literary treasure. It's just a simple story of survival, beautifully told. No cast of characters to remember, but a hero who has experiences in a logical order with austere description just enough to paint a picture for the reader. Highly recommended.


Run, Boy, Run - Uri Orlev

By A Customer

This is one of the best books I've ever read. Uri does a very good job telling about the children of the holocaust. The book is about a Jewish boy named Surlick. Surlick loses his family and has to live by himself. Surlick meets many kind people who let him live with them. Surlick also finds out that not all the nazi soldiers are cruel to Jews. I liked this book because it shows you what it was like to be Jewish during the second World War. If you want to find out what happens to Surlick you should read the story.